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Our focus

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) is the leading national institute in fundamental and applied research, technological development, experimentation, and the scientific support of security and defense policy creation and planning.

Established in 2002, the Center for National Security and Defense Research (CNSDR) has the main strategic goal of supporting, coordinating and organizing research in the field of security and defense within the BAS by developing cooperation with relevant state institutions in the national security system.

The center’s activity is concentrated on providing information to other BAS institutes, labs, research groups and individual scientists about the needs and programs of potential users, as well as the possibilities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation within NATO and the European Union.


CNSDR supports a database of available technologies and the capacity of research structures, groups, and scientists.


In its activities CNSDR serves as a National Center for coordination of research in security and defense.


Alongside its coordination activities, CNSDR organizes and directs extensive interdisciplinary research.

Critical infrastructure resilience research and technology

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Our role is to protect national interests and promote security and stability worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a connecting link between BAS and state institutes for the development of research in the field of national security and defense in Bulgaria.

Our vision

Our vision is that science is an irreplaceable part of developing effective defense capabilities. BAS, as a leading scientific organization in Bulgaria, plays a significant role in moderating the Bulgarian army, security services, and the national crisis management system through its expertise in various fields of theoretical and applied scientific activity.

Our values

Strength (courage)

The strength to say and do the right thing in every situation. 


Consistency and firmness in the  actions, standing up for one’s opinion.


Dignity in one’s actions, respect for the actions of others.


Strive every day to be the best in  professional and personal plan.

Information activity

National security
Defense policy
Crisis management
Information security

Developments and research

Fundamental and applied research
Technological development
Science experiments
Information assurance