An integrated approach to Cybersecurity

The conference was held at the Central Military Club, Sofia, organized by the Science and Technology Organization (STO) and the Executive Office of the Cooperation Support Service (CSO). One of the main objectives of the Science and Technology Organization (STO) is to monitor new technologies and bring together experts to present and discuss the needs and ideas of these new technologies for application in their fields.

This workshop brought together experts, including representatives from various organizations such as military leaders at the strategic and operational levels, human factors cybersecurity experts, the industry that develops cybersecurity tools, academia, non-governmental organizations, and more.

The aim of the conference was to promote thinking in cyber security, including human factors (HF) in defense; to research and address a range of cyber security topics/issues; to summarize conclusions and recommendations on how human factors can improve cyber defense in a national and alliance format.

In the conference, one of the young specialists from the team of CNSDR-BAS – Atanas Radev took part as a speaker, presenting a report on “User ethics and habits in cyber protection, as a tool of cyber security.