International Conference “Energy Security of Southeast Europe and National Security”

The conference was held at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia, organized by the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum, in partnership with UNWE and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The dynamic changes in the energy development of the EU country members as well as the world and the new threats, such as the risks to ensure the continuity of supplies of energy raw materials and energy, the dominance of geopolitical over economic interests in a number of cases of monopoly supplies, as well as the growing terrorist threats put the issue of energy security at the core of the country’s national security. The security of energy supplies and energy resources becomes the first priority in the energy policy of the EU country members.

The main objectives of the conference are related to discussions of the relationship between national security and security of supply, and methods and technical means to increase their reliability against potential damage and terrorist attacks of energy engineering infrastructure will be the other main objective of the discussions.

One of the young specialists from the team of CNSDR-BAS – Atanas Radev took part in the conference as a speaker, presenting a report on “Cyber security through the eyes of the ordinary user.”