International doctrine Saber Guardian 14

International doctrine Saber Guardian 14, with the participation of military units of the US Army in Europe (EUCOM) and the Bulgarian Land Forces.

EUCOM and the Bulgarian Land Forces conducted Saber Guardian 2014 on March 31, 2014. Saber Guardian 14 is a multinational practical doctrine aiming to optimize the abilities and duties of the American army in Europe to be more flexible, preserve and enhance NATO interoperability, and facilitate multinational training.

Saber Guardian 2014 took place from March 31 to April 4. Around 700 military and civilian employees from twelve countries participated, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the USA, along with representatives of the NATO Allied Command.

A coordinating center was established with representatives of the American army in Europe and The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CM&DR CoE).

The coordinating center aims to facilitate the contingency program management initiative, through which the opinions of institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations are planned and integrated, providing a systematic assessment. Based on this assessment, effective decisions can be made.

Soldiers from the US Army in Europe and the Bulgarian Ground Forces
open at an official ceremony Saber Guardian 2014,
March 21, 2014, NOVO SELO SCHOOL AREA, Bulgaria

Team leader
31.03 - 4.04.2014 г.