“RISK-SPACE-TRANSFER” – partner for Bulgaria in “Copernicus Masters” and “Galileo Masters”

The technology transfer office “RISK-SPACE-TRANSFER” with the support of the Ministry of Economics, participates as a partner for Bulgaria in the two leading competitions for innovations “Copernicus Masters” & “Galileo Masters” 2021.

„Copernicus Masters“ (https://copernicus-masters.com) and „Galileo Masters“ (https://galileo-masters.eu) are leading European competitions for development of innovative applications which are using space data. The events are initiated by the European space agency, with the support of the European commission and organized from “AZO GmbH”.

The two competitions are rewarding innovative solutions and business concepts which are using data from Earth observation and satellite navigation to solve important social challenges suggested by leading organizations in the cosmic sector: European cosmic agency, European commission, European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), German Aerospace center (DLR), Planet, Airbus etc.

The applications for participating in the competitions are open from 19th of April till the 19th of July 2021. Individuals over 18 years old can participate in them, forming teams comprised of representatives from businesses, scientific organizations, students, as well as individually registered participants who have the desire to address challenges posed by leading organizations in the aerospace industry. This is done with the help of space technologies and data in various areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, healthcare, smart agriculture and others.

Participants have the opportunity to win prizes from the total prize pool of 835,000 euros for Copernicus Masters and 785,000 euros for Galileo Masters. These prizes come in the form of cash awards, access to Earth observation data, training from experts, incubation for their business idea and more. Additionally, participants have the chance to apply for various awards valued up to 10,000 euros, provided by partner countries of the two competitions and co-funded by the European Commission.

See more about the special awards provided by Bulgaria as a country partner:

· Prizes for Copernicus Masters: https://copernicus-masters.com/copernicus-prizes/copernicus-prize-bulgaria/

· Prizes for Galileo Masters: https://galileo-masters.eu/galileo-prizes/galileo-prize-bulgaria/

For registration, more information and questions:

· Copernicus Masters: http://rst-tto.com/rsttakt/index.php/copernicus/copernicus-master

· Galileo Masters: http://rst-tto.com/rsttakt/index.php/copernicus/galileo-masters

On 22.06.2021 (Tuesday) at 11:00 a.m., an online information session “Copernicus & Galileo Masters Bulgaria 2021” will be held. During the event, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the two competitions and ask your questions. To receive an invitation to participate in the session and additional information about the competitions, please register at the following link by 21.06.2021. including: https://forms.gle/LLe7oXBKgzX7NChY6

For more information: office@rst-tto.com ; http://rst-tto.com/