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7th Framework project - SEREN 2

проект от 2013

Team: International consortium coordinated by the Romanian Space Agency ROSA

SEREN2 project was funded by FP7 to build organizational network of national contact persons for "Security" priority of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU.

The objective of SEREN2 project was to coordinate the connection between the national contact persons of the resaerch programme on "Security" priority of the 7th Framework programme. The project aims were coordination and quality optimization of the common network by building skills in the members so they can deliver better and high level of services for the community. The researches in the area of Security has its own specifics compared to other thematical areas of other pririty pillars of the Programme. There is a strong need of support to the european research community in the area of security for 7th Framework participation.

In order to overcome the difficulties in building international partnerships and encouraging the participation of research in the area of security, the network organize joint activities , information campaigns , focusing on the promotion of good project ideas and finding ways and means for the end-users. In order to support such activities a tools and applications were specially designed to search partners in the system. Therefore to explore the new aspects of policies, programs, conferences and workshops a research and monitoring must be performed to analyz and synthesize information which has to be provided to the stakeholders at all levels (national contact points and clients ).

CNSDR's tasks were monitoring of security studies at national level and emphasize the most powerful national capabilities. Participation in this research network enables the Centre to monitor the latest scientific achievements in the field of security at European level.

More information about the project can be found here.