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Project for preparation and implementation of a full-scale international exercise

project from 2006

Team: CNSDR-BAS, Joint Training Center Simulation and Analysis team - IPP-BAS, State agency "Civil Protection" and Operational Analysis Niemeyer - Germany

Project for preparation and implementation of a full-scale international exercise "Protection - eu TACOM SEE-2006" - The aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Southeast Europe took place on 01.01. 2006 - 30.07. 2006 The exercise was carried out as part of the annual plan of the Permanent Commission for Civil protection, disasters, emergencies and accidents.

The project was completed in two phases. The first phase was conducting CAX with computer simulations for two days in Sofia (23 to 24 July 2006). The second phase - conducting field exercise - two days training centers: Hotel "International" chemical plants "Neohim" and "MONBAT" and "Ogosta" dam in Montana (25-26 July 2006).

The beneficiaries of the project were Ministry of State Policy for Disasters and Accidents, State Agency "Civil Protection", and partners: Institute for Parallel Processing, Center for National Security and Defence Research and representatives of NGOs, Niemeyers Operations Analysen (NOA)- Germany.

The aim of the project was to improve response capabilities and coordination of Disaster management capabilities amd the experts and disaster response teams in the community. Emphasising on the strengthening of the cooperation between the authorities responsible for crisis response and civil protection in Bulgaria, tested on site and through computer - assisted exercise ( CAX ). The method of CAX is based on the use of ordinary known methods for the various stages of - development of scenarios , simulation scenarios , keeping the operation of the management and learners , analysis of documented actions extraction and synthesis of recommendations.

Another important objective of the project was to improve operational cooperation between civil protection teams and other structures responsible for several SEE countries. Other civil protection teams attended from Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania. Thus, the project showed real state of civil-military emergency planning in Southeast Europe and disaster preparedness and relief under Prevention Initiative of the Stability Pact - Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative of the Stability Pact (DPPI).

The objective of the field exercise for protect and rescue "Security 2006" project EU TACOM SEE - 2006 was to work out common actions for overcoming the consequences of a terrorist act. Civil protection teams, Technical information directorate of Ministry of Interior, Fire protection, Bulgarian Red Cross Mountain Rescue Service tean(MRS),attended to the field event. Similar organizations from Greece, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia also took part in the exercise. It ended with a final conference held on 18. 09. 2006 which presented the results, analysis and the conclusions from the project.